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Synchronizing tables between Formitable and your POS
Synchronizing tables between Formitable and your POS

Use the 'Sync POS tables' function to link each table in Formitable to the right one in your POS system (Lightspeed, Untill, Vectron, etc.)

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If you want to see all your Formitable reservations in your POS, you need to tell the two systems where the reservations need to go. With the 'Sync POS tables' function, you can assign a Formitable table to each table in the POS system. We tell you how it's done and you only need to do this one time.

Synchronize your tables

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Tables.

  • Click on the Sync POS tables button in the top right.

  • In the left column, you can see the table names from your POS system. In the middle column, you can select the corresponding table in Formitable.

  • You only need to link the tables that you want to synchronize.

  • The green linked label shows you that the table is linked.

  • If you want to unlink a table either select a different table or select Don't link.

  • After you have linked all tables, click on Apply mappings to save.

📌 The integration will try to automatically match your tables as best as it can by looking at the names. If you see the label weak match or strong match you still need to click the Confirm button to accept the suggestion.

Synchronize new tables as well

Did you just add a new table in your POS or in Formitable? You need to link these ones too. A warning icon will be shown next to tables that are not linked yet.

⚠️ Help! - I get an error when I click Sync POS tables button

"500 - An internal server exception occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Formitable"

If you get this error that usually means that there is no connection yet between your POS system and Formitable. The two systems can't talk to each other yet.

In most cases, either Formitable or the POS provider still needs to take some steps to make the connection work.

  • Lightspeed: If you have just installed the Lightspeed app in Formitable, please wait till Lightspeed gets in touch with you and give consent for the integration if they ask for it. Find the full Lightspeed guide here.

  • unTill: If you have just installed the unTill app, please contact your UnTill provider. They need to provide you with the right login information for the POS system and you need a TPAPI license. Find the full unTill guide here.

  • Mplus, Taurus, Vectron, and others: Please contact your POS provider and ask them to finalize the integration.

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