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Lightspeed L-series: Synchronising your takeaway orders between Formitable and your POS
Lightspeed L-series: Synchronising your takeaway orders between Formitable and your POS

Use the 'Sync POS products' function to show takeaway orders from Formitable in L-series and print them in your kitchen

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💡 Important: this Help Center article is about Lightspeed L-series! Formitable connects with both L-series and K-series. Make sure you have the right version.

All takeaway orders from Formitable can be automatically shown in your Lightspeed POS system. To synchronise your orders, you first need to link the takeaway products in Formitable with the corresponding products in Lightspeed.

The 'Sync POS products' function lets you link the right Formitable product to the right products in Lightspeed. We tell you how it's done and you only need to do this one time.

📌 To activate the takeaway integration for Lightspeed, go to the Lightspeed app settings and enable Create a takeaway order.

Synchronise your takeaway menu

  • In Formitable, go to Products > Takeaways.

  • Click on the Sync POS products button in the top right.

  • In the left column, you can see the takeaway products from Lightspeed. In the middle column, you can select the corresponding takeaway product in Formitable.

  • You only need to link the products that you want to synchronise.

  • The green linked label shows you that the product is linked.

  • If you want to unlink a product either select a different product or select Don't link.

  • After you have linked all takeaway products, click on Apply mappings to save.

📌 The integration will try to automatically match your products as best as it can by looking at the names. If you see the label weak match or strong match you still need to click the Confirm button to accept the suggestion.

💡 Are you offering Takeaway Product Options?

If you are using Takeaway Product Options for choices and supplements you can also synchronise these to the Lightspeed modifiers. Your Sync POS Products menu will look slightly different but you can link every product and choice here accordingly.

❌ Did a takeaway order from Formitable not come through in Lightspeed?

Please make sure all your products are correctly linked with the steps underneath and that only unique SKU and PLU numbers are used. 9 out of 10 times, this is where the problem can be located.

⚠️ Use unique SKU and PLU numbers in Lightspeed

In Lightspeed each product and option has an SKU or PLU number. Please make sure that the same number of labels is not used twice. This also applies to current and previous archived products. If the same numbers are used, takeaway orders can not be properly processed and forwarded from Formitable to Lightspeed.

  • The easiest approach? Continue numbering. New product = new number.

  • You can change the SKU and PLU numbers in the Admin section of your Lightspeed cash register. How you can do this is explained here.

  • ❗ Did you change SKU or PLU numbers in Lightspeed? Use the 'Sync POS Products' function again, set your products straight, and click on 'Apply mappings' to synchronize your products again.

This way we can make sure that the right products are linked to each other and prevent any technical confusion or issues with orders not being passed through to Lightspeed.

Processing your takeaway orders in Lightspeed

After synchronising your takeaway products, you can receive orders directly in Lightspeed.

  • In Lightspeed, new takeaway orders will appear with a red notification at the bottom at Takeout.

  • Click on Takeout. The new order will appear in the New section on the left.

  • Click on Send at the top of the screen, to accept the order. If the order is not printed immediately, click on Send again and choose where to print it.

  • As the payment has already been done online, press on Pay to complete the order.

💬 Having trouble with something within Lightspeed?

As Formitable, we can't look into your Lightspeed account. If you have a problem or question with something in Lightspeed, their support team will be able to help you better than the Formitable team.

Not sure who to contact? Ask us and we'll let you know who you can turn to! 😇

👋 Need help with anything else? Send us a message in the chat or by mail to

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