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Working with Formitable - beginners guide for staff
Working with Formitable - beginners guide for staff

How to seat guests, accept & change reservations, and all other things to know when working with Formitable on a day to day basis.

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👋 Hey there, first time working with Formitable? Welcome to the team! We have collected a small overview of helpful articles that show you the ropes in Formitable. You’ll be up to speed and helping your colleagues with the reservation management in no time!

Overview - where you’ll find all reservations

You will spend most of your time in the Overview. This is where you can find all reservations and add new ones.

  • Want to see all reservations per table for a given day? Use the table view. That's the one you see underneath.

  • If you want to see all reservations of the day in a list. Use the list view.

  • You can always switch between the table and list view with the two buttons at the top left under the Formitable logo.

  • Switch days by using the navigation buttons at the top. If you click on the date you switch to the calendar view which makes it even easier to find the day you are looking for.

  • Add new reservations with the big blue plus button at the right. The system places reservations then the same way as the widget does. You will also be noticed if there is no more available space.

  • Walk-ins: You can add walk-ins either via the blue plus button by clicking on the table name.

  • Options: In case you want to ask guests to pay and/or confirm their (group)reservations, create an option and send them a payment link.

  • Search for reservations by typing the guest's name or mail into the search bar at the top of the overview where it says 'Start typing to search...'

  • Move guests to a different table? Simply drag and drop the reservation with your mouse or finger.

  • Do you get an error message about a reservation? We show you how to solve these conflicts.

  • Have some important notes for your all colleagues? Leave them a message at the button of the screen where it says ‘Add a note’. This note is visible to all your colleagues.

Activity - everything that happened recently

Go to the Activity tab to see new reservations and all recent activities of you and your colleagues. Reservations made, cancelled or changed by guests will say ‘by Guest’. If colleagues changed a reservation their name will be shown instead.

Stopping online reservations

Is something not going as it should and you have to stop getting more reservations immediately? You can limit the number of guests coming in, or close individual times, areas, specific shifts, and whole days. Stop accepting reservations with just a few clicks.

⁉️ Troubleshooting

💬 If you have any questions, we are here to help. Send us a message via the chat in the bottom right corner, or by mail to

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