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If you can not or do not want to accept takeaway orders on a specific day or for multiple days, you can easily configure this in Formitable. Learn how to either disable takeaway orders on a single day or during a period of days.

Stop accepting takeaway orders on a specific day

  • In Formitable, go to Insights > Orders.

  • Select Takeaway in the upper left corner.

  • Go to the day on which you want to stop accepting takeaway orders.

  • Click on closed where it says 'Accept takeaway orders on ...'.

  • Immediately, no more takeaway orders are possible on this specific day.

💡 All closed days: You can find an overview of all days that are closed for takeaway and reservations at Closed & Special days.

Prevent takeaway orders for several days

If you do not want takeaway orders on specific days or for a certain period, you can do this in the shift settings.

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Shifts.

  • If you are in the calendar view, select the list view.

  • In the top menu, select Closed & special days.

  • Click on the big blue button marked with a PLUS.

  • Select the day or days you do not takeaway orders and select closed where it says 'Accept takeaway orders'.

  • Click on Apply to save your settings.

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