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Switch all payments of your restaurant from Euro to another currency

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By default, all payments that guests place will be processed in Euros. If your restaurant is situated outside of the Euro-zone, you can accept payments in 29 different non-EUR currencies. From the British pound to the US dollar, or the Danish krone.

📌 Please note that all payments in your restaurant will be processed in the selected currency. The widget will also show all prices in the selected currency.

  • If you select Euros, all British guests will need to pay in Euros with their British credit card, etc.

  • If you select British pounds, all guests from Europe will need to pay in British pounds with their credit card, etc.

How to change the currency of your restaurant

  • In Formitable, go to Settings and select Setup.

  • Scroll to the Payments section.

  • Select the preferred currency.

  • The selected currency will be active immediately.

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