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Promote your tickets instantly with an email campaign
Promote your tickets instantly with an email campaign

The new 'promote' button makes it easier than ever to advertise your tickets with just a few clicks.

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Did you just add a new ticket and want to fill extra tables for your event or arrangement? It's now easier than ever for you to promote your tickets to a wide audience!

Use the 'Promote' button and Formitable adds all the ticket information as well as the ticket image to a new email campaign for you. Just select your audience and hit send.

How to promote your tickets with email campaigns

  • In Formitable, go to Shifts.

  • Click the Promote button next to the ticket you want to promote. Formitable immediately creates a new email campaign for your ticket.

  • Write a catchy subject line and preview text.

  • Select the correct language and the right subscribers' list.

  • Click on Send campaign.

Your promotion mail will be on its way to your potential guests instantly! 🎉

📌 Recommended: Always send a test mail to see your email campaign the same way guests will see it.

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