How to duplicate reservations

Create an exact copy of a reservation for your loyal guests or in case you cancelled a reservation by accident

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Sometimes a guest cancels but changes their mind, or you have loyal guests that come every week. Save yourself some time and just create a copy!

Formitable allows you to quickly create a duplicate of any existing reservation. Simply click on the duplicate button next to the delete button. All information is taken from the original reservation. This makes it easy for you to change for example the date.

📌 If you create a duplicate from a reservation in the past, Formitable will try to place the reservation on the current day on an available table.

Create a duplicate of a reservation

  • In Formitable, go to the Overview.

  • Open the original reservation by clicking on it or using the search bar.

  • Click on the duplicate button at the bottom of the reservation details.

  • An exact duplicate of the reservation will be created.

  • You can change reservation details like the date, time, or table of the copy.

  • Click on Save.

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