Automatically select the best ticket

Let Formitable automatically select the best ticket for a reservation for you instead of just giving suggestions

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Save yourself some time and let Formitable select the right ticket for you.

When you manually enter reservations Formitable gives you ticket suggestions based on the time, area, and number of guests. Instead of just giving you ticket suggestions, Formitable can also select the right ticket for you automatically. You can easily turn this feature on or off in the settings.

📌 The ticket is selected based on the area, time of day, number of guests, and all of your other shift settings. If your shifts are overlapping, the ticket first in line at tickets will be selected.

How to enable the automatic ticket selection

  • In Formitable, go to Settings and then Setup.

  • At Features, set Auto ticket to On.

  • Your settings are saved automatically.

  • From now on, Formitable will automatically select the best ticket.

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