With the new measures taken by the government, you're only allowed a limited amount of guests in your restaurant. With these tips & tricks, you can generate maximum revenue within the limited possibilities. We got this! 💪

‼️ Make sure that your restaurant takes the most recent measures of the government into account. Here you can find tips for the settings you have to change.

☑ Communicate important information with the website pop-up

Communicate with guests through the promotional pop-up. With the pop-up, you can inform your guests about shortened reservation times, that they have to wear a face mask (if applicable) and that guests need leave before 10pm. Here you find all the info on enabling the pop-up.

Create an 'Early bird' ticket

Invite guests to come early with a special offer. This way, chances are that you can double your tables on a night. Create an 'Early bird' ticket for this.

☑ Create two shifts with fixed arrival times

The best way to double your tables is to work with shifts. This way, guests will have fixed arrival times and you can work with two time slots. Here we explain how to do this.

Open your doors half an hour earlier

If you have to close your doors earlier, why not open them earlier? Some restaurants choose to open their doors half an hour or an hour earlier than they used to. This way, you can give your guests a bit more time.

Work with prepayments

In these times, you just can't afford any no-shows. Work with prepayments to avoid no-shows and generate cashflow.

💡 First time working with prepayments? Make sure to connect your Mollie account to Formitable. Here you'll find all the information on Mollie.

☑ Promote your tickets

The new promote button makes it easier than ever before to promote your tickets within a few clicks. Simple as that.

If you've just created an 'Early bird' ticket the promote button can help you fill those early tables.

☑ Send e-mail campaigns and let your restaurant stand out

All restaurants will try to attract as many guests as possible. How to make sure your story stands out? With Formitable you can send an e-mail campaign within a minute, literally.

☑ Takeaway - the restaurant experience at home

With takeaway, you offer guests the possibility to enjoy a restaurant experience at home. If you're not allowed to serve them in your restaurant, just serve them at home.

Here you'll find a full guide with all the possibilities of the takeaway feature and how to set it up easily.

☑ Sell gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a perfect way to generate direct cashflow. Most of the time the average spend of a guest with a gift voucher is higher than one without.

Read how to start selling gift vouchers here.

☑ Post on social media

Last but not least, you want to promote your special tickets and takeaway menu. You use the direct link to each specific ticket. This way you can easily create a post with a clear call-to-action.

Do you want to promote your gift vouchers or takeaway? You can use these direct links.

These are crazy times, but we are here to help you. Talk to us via the chat, or send an email to support@formitable.com.

We got this! 💪

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