Sending messages and replies to guests

Answer messages, inform your guests, and fight no-shows with the messaging feature in Formitable

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We believe that communication with guests is crucial! That is why getting in touch with guests in Formitable is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message to a friend.

If a guest leaves a note while placing a reservation, this note will show up as a message in Formitable. You can answer the questions guests might have, reassure them that their dietary requirements are met, or inform them about last-minute cancellations. If you really want to make sure your guests show up, you can also ask them to reconfirm their reservation.

All messages are neatly kept in the specific reservation. This way you never lose track of what has been discussed with a particular guest.

Where to find the messages that guests have sent?

  • Notification bell: New messages will appear at the notification bell in the top right.

  • Table view: If a reservation has messages attached to it, you can see this by the little paper plane icon in the overview.

  • List view: If you are using the list view, all messages are written out immediately for you.

  • Activity: You can always find all recent messages from all guests at Activity > Messages.

💡 Extra notification emails: Do you want to receive an email notification if guests send a message to your restaurant? Activate the Notify Me app. We'll make sure you don't miss a thing.

How to answer your guests or send them a message

  • Open a reservation where a guest has sent you a message.

  • Click on the paper plane icon at the top.

  • You will see all conversations that have been sent.

  • Choose if you want to send a message to the guest or if you want to leave an internal private comment for yourself and your colleagues. Guests won't be able to see private comments.

  • Type your reply at the bottom and click the paper plane button.

  • Your guest will receive your message immediately by email.

⚠️ Sent = sent ! Messages are sent immediately. This can not be undone! The mail with the message can't be pulled back and it is not possible to delete messages that have been sent.

📌 Spamming is a risk. Don't be too enthusiastic when it comes to sending messages. Not every guest will appreciate getting several messages from you. Try to keep it to what's necessary.

🧐 Why are my emails sent from long weird mail addresses? Each reservation confirmation is sent from a unique email address that includes your restaurant name and a random combination of characters.

Something like

This is how Formitable can make sure that messages and replies from guests end up in the right reservation and do not get mixed up.

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