How many guests do I have in my restaurant? And how many guests can be seated at any given time? With the Seated bar and Pacing limit bar in the overview, you save yourself some time calculating everything by hand.

  • To enable or disable the Seated bar and Pacing limit bar, go to the Overview and click the ⋮ button.

The Seated bar shows you how many guests in total will be present in your restaurant at any given timeslot. It counts all guests vertically.

The Pacing limits bar shows you how many guests are arriving and how many are allowed to book at any given timeslot.

5/8 means that 5 guests will arrive at this time and that a total of 8 guests are allowed.

💡 Pacing limits determine the maximum number of guests you want to accept within a certain time span. This helps to gradually spread out the number of reservations without sending guests away. It helps to take the pressure off your front- and back of the house. To change your pacing limits have a look here.

📌 Want to change the length of the timeslots?

Choose between timeslots of either 15-, 30-, or 60-minutes. Whatever works best for your restaurant. Change the length of timeslots in Formitable at Settings > Setup > Reservations > Timeslot size.

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