According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR art. 17), every person has the 'right to be forgotten'. This means that all personal data needs to be erased if requested so, under the condition that it's no longer needed for the initial purpose.

If a guest asks you to erase all their personal data handled for reservations or orders, you can do this in Formitable.

⚠️ This can not be undone! We will fully anonymize all data for this person in the system and the server logs. This way your total number of reservations is still accurate, but all personal data is removed. Once the data has been anonymized the personal information is gone forever!

How to remove the guests' personal data

  • In Formitable, go to Insights and then Guests.

  • Search for the guest that wants their data removed.

  • Click on the trash bin icon next to the name.

  • Confirm that all data will be removed forever by clicking Yes.

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