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Adding options to takeaway products
Adding options to takeaway products

Add Product Options and supplements to your takeaway to increase the average order amount by upselling and giving guests more choices.

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Takeaway Product Options offer you lots of flexibility and give your guests the power to choose exactly what they want. Even better, it's a great way of upselling and increasing the average check size of orders.

Adding all kinds of options to the takeaway products also helps to keep your online takeaway shop neat and tidy by bundling together what belongs together.

How to add Takeaway Product Options

For each takeaway product in Formitable, you can set additional options from which guests can choose. You can add one selection or even multiple ones within a single product.

  • In Formitable, go to your Takeaway products.

  • Click on a product you want to add options to (or add a new product).

  • Select Options in the left menu and click on the Add option button.

  • Add a title for the option. For example: 'Dessert'.

  • Select if this selection is required. Otherwise, it will be optional.

  • Select if you want your guest to make a single choice or allow multiple choices to be selected.

  • Add your different items by clicking Add choice.

  • Choose a title for each choice. For example the name of a dish or supplement.

  • Click Save.

Your takeaway product with all its options is visible in your widget immediately.

💸 Start upselling: Optionally, select an additional price for your choices if you want to charge a few euros on top. Leave it at € 0,00 if you do not want to charge extra. In the example below, the cheese plate will be an upsell of € 6,00.

A single-choice or multiple-choices?

Offer guests the possibility to select one single product from a drop-down menu, or give them a list of options and let them select as many as they want.

  • If you leave the 'allow multiple values' button disabled, your guests will see a menu where they can choose one item. As with the 'Main dish' in the example below.

  • If you enable the 'allow multiple value' button, your guests can select as many different items as they want. As with the 'Wine pairing' in the example below.

Add VAT % to streamline your financial administration

Want to make your bookkeeper's life easier? Add the VAT percentage for your takeaway products and all extra options. The price including and excluding VAT will then be included in your exports.

  • Set the VAT % in your takeaway product at Pricing > VAT.

  • Add the VAT % of the individual choices at options with the ⚙️ gear icon.

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