My links / buttons / options are not working

If the links for your tickets, shifts, options or campaigns are not working properly, you need to adjust your website URL in Formitable

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  • Why do my buttons in the mail campaign not work?

  • Why do my option payment links not work?

  • Why do my direct shift links not work?

  • Why do my ticket links not work?

The solution to all four questions can in most cases be found in the restaurant website URL you have entered in Formitable. If there is no widget on this page, the request can't be processed and nothing happens.

Adjust your restaurant website URL to a page where the widget is

The widget is at the heart of Formitable ❀️ It is also the waiter that guides your guest to the right section of your online restaurant experience.

If you run a mail campaign, your readers will click on a button and the widget will open on a specific ticket page. It might open the voucher shop or your takeaway menu. The Formitable mail campaign feature automatically puts the right technical commands and instructions for the widget into the button links for you. The same happens in your option mails, and for your ticket and direct shift links.

πŸ› οΈ We do this by using the website URL you have entered in Formitable and adding all the technical instructions for the widgets after it.

[your website URL] + [technical instructions]

Here's the catch: No widget = no action. If the guest lands on a page where there is no widget implemented, the instructions on what to do can't be picked up. In other words, nothing happens.

  • In Formitable, go to your Restaurant settings > Website.

  • Change the restaurant website to the page on your website where your Formitable widget is implemented.

Let's say your widget is only implemented on the reservations page but you fill in as the website in Formitable.

The automatic links will say*
This won't work and the automatic links and buttons will be broken.

>> You need to fill in as restaurant website in Formitable. That's where the widget is.

*Life is a bit more complicated than that, but you get the point πŸ˜€

❓ Not sure if there is a widget on that website? Copy the link that is filled in at Restaurant settings > Website and visit the website yourself.

  • If the widget opens, the buttons and links from emails will work fine.

  • If there is no widget to be seen, the buttons and links will probably also not work. Change the restaurant website to the page on your website where your Formitable widget is implemented.

🏘️ But I have multiple languages and multiple widgets on the site

  • Don't worry about the languages. In most cases, if the guest lands on a page where a widget is implemented, the widget will adjust automatically and show up in the right language.

  • Multiple widgets and locations: If you have two restaurants on your website with separate pages, add as URL in the Formitable settings of the first restaurant, and for the second location.

πŸ’‘ Unsubscribe from mail campaigns not working? The widget also processes the unsubscribe requests if guests no longer want to be part of your mailing list. They therefore can also only unsubscribe if your website URL is set correctly.

Still not working? Get in touch with us in the chat or! πŸ‘‹

All too technical anyway? Tell your web developer to send us a message. We'll figure it out together. βœŒοΈπŸ€“

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