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How to create eye-catching posts in Formitable that show up in the Google search results if guests look for your restaurant

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Place your takeaway menu, events or gift vouchers in the Google search results. Google Posts inform your guests already on Google about the dining experiences you offer. Showcasing your menu and events here can bring more visitors to your website and turn them into paying guests.

Formitable's integration with Google Posts lets you highlight your different takeaway products, tickets and vouchers just as easy as in the mail campaigns - but then not just to your newsletter subscribers but to everyone that comes across your restaurant on Google.

  • 🧲 Eye-catching on Google & Google Maps separating you from the competition

  • 👑 Let's you score higher in the Google Search results

  • 🥰 Just as easy as a Facebook post and fully managed from Formitable

  • 🎁 Did we mention it's free?

Start promoting all your Formitable products in your restaurant's Google results.

✨ First time? Link your restaurant's Google account to Formitable

Google Posts are placed through your restaurant's Google My Business account. In order for you to post and manage your posts from Formitable, we need permission to make changes to your Google My Business account.

If you try to create a Google Post in the campaigns section but have not installed the Google My Business app in Formitable yet, you will be automatically asked to do so.

  • In Formitable, go to your Apps section.

  • Select the Google My Business app and click install.

  • A dialog pop-up opens and you will be asked to give Formitable permission to access your Google My Business account.

  • Click on the Allow button at the bottom. The window will automatically close itself.

  • Your Google account is now connected to Formitable. 🥳

How to create a Google Posts campaign

Publishing a Google Post is as easy as posting an update on Facebook, but then from Formitable. Our campaigns editor takes care of everything for you.

  • In Formitable, go to your Campaigns section.

  • Create a new campaign with the Create campaign button and select Google Posts.

  • Click on the blue plus button and select which kind of Formitable product you want to post. You can choose between individual tickets, takeaway products, vouchers or your different shops.

  • You can adjust the text and the photo in the post if you want.

  • It's possible to publish multiple posts at the same time.

  • Hit the Publish button to set your Google Post campaign live! Your post will usually appear in your search results within 30 minutes.

📌 Post regularly! Make sure you place new posts on a regular basis. If you want to delete a published post, you can do so from the Campaigns overview.

📋 Duplicate campaigns. You can create copies of your expired or draft Google Posts with the duplicate button.

💡 Button labels. The buttons in the Google Posts will say order, book, or shop, depending on the product you choose. These labels are set by Google and can't be changed.

📈 Results: The number of visits is higher than the number of views?

Google refreshes the number of views very infrequently while the number of visits to the widget and orders are tracked immediately by Formitable. This is the reason why the number of visits and orders can be higher than the number of views.

🏘️ How to post if you manage multiple restaurant listings

In case you manage multiple restaurants on Google My Business you can choose which restaurant's search results you want to post to. Choose the right venue on the right side of the screen where it says 'Posting to'.

⚠️ The buttons in my Google Posts are not working!

If the links for your tickets and products are not working properly, you need to adjust your website URL in Formitable. Read here how.

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