By default, a Ticket can be booked on all active tables in all areas of your restaurant.

If, for example, you offer a Chef's Table or if you want to offer outdoor dining you can link a specific area to that Ticket so the reservation will be placed in the correct area. In these cases, you might also want to show guests in which area they make a reservation and in which area of your restaurant they will be placed.

Go to Areas within your Shift and click on Select specific area. You can then choose which areas you want to link.

Activate Show area name if you want to inform guests of the area in which they will be located. The area name will then be displayed clearly throughout the reservation process; in the widget, in the ticket, on the check-out page, in the booking confirmation, and in the reminder email.

💡It could of course also be that you want to exclude a specific area such as for example a Private Dining. You can then select all areas except your Private Dining.

📌 Read this article to learn how you can create online availability and set up your Shifts.

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