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Segment mail campaigns to make them more personal and effective
Segment mail campaigns to make them more personal and effective

The more tailored your mail campaigns are, the better the results will be! Use segments to send specific campaigns to the right guests

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could send a dedicated newsletter about your new takeaway menu to all guests that have ordered takeaway before? Or reach out to the guests who haven’t visited your restaurant in a while? In Formitable, it is possible to divide your newsletter audience into different segments. This way you can send the right news to the right guest. 🎯

Formitable allows you to send mail campaigns to guests that...

  • … haven’t visited your restaurant in the last 6 months or longer

  • … have purchased one or more gift vouchers

  • … have made one or more reservations in the past

  • … have ordered one or more takeaways

  • Or a combination of the above

💡 First time sending a mail campaign with Formitable? Here’s all you need to know about creating your first newsletter!

How to segment your newsletter audience

  • In Formitable, go to Campaigns and create a new mail campaign.

  • Write the content for your newsletter. Check out our 7 tips to write better campaigns.

  • Click on Edit audience to segment your newsletter receivers.

  • Select the preferred language of your audience.

  • Select the segment (or multiple segments) which are most relevant for your campaign.

  • The number in the green Save button tells you the number of subscribers in your current selection.

  • Click on Save to use the current audience selection.

  • Test and send your campaign.

Congratulations, you have just successfully sent your first segmented campaign! 🥳

💡 Guests can be in different segments at the same time. A guest that has ordered a gift voucher, takeaway, and placed a reservation will be included in three different segments.

✔️ Check your subscription to see how many subscribers you can reach per month with your mail campaigns.

Is it possible to create my own segments?

At the moment it is not possible yet to create your own segments. We are planning to add this in the future.

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