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Communicate and promote your Promotion Codes
Communicate and promote your Promotion Codes

Use the website pop-up to turn visitors into guests, send out a (segmented) Email Campaign to turn guests into regulars

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Now that you created your first Promotion Code, of course, you want to communicate and promote your code. There are different options in how you could do this: use the website pop-up to communicate it on your website, send out an email campaign to all your subscribers, or even tailor your code to a specific segment and email that list.

Communicate the code in the website pop-up

  • Go to Marketing > Campaigns

  • Start a new pop-up campaign

  • In the right bar, under "Button", choose "Apply promotion code"

  • Finish your pop-up settings like you normally would.

When guests click on the button in your pop-up they will be instantly redirected to the matching product to which the code applies. Did you link the Promotion Code to all your Takeaway products? Then they will be directed to your Takeaway-shop within the Formitable widget. Or did you link the code to a specific Early Bird Ticket? They will then be directed to that specific Ticket, so they can book immediately.

Is it your first time using a website pop-up? 📌 Read this article to learn how you can use the website pop-up.

Email your subscribers to promote your discount or give-away

  • Under Marketing > Campaigns, start a new Email Campaign like you normally would

  • Hover with your mouse over the blue '+' to add a new content block

  • Choose Promotion Codes

  • Select the Code you want to promote

  • Add an image, and adjust the title and description if necessary

When guests click on the button "Apply Promotion Code" they will be automatically directed to the product that is linked to your code. If you applied the code to, for example, all Takeaway products, guests will be directed to the Takeaway shop when they click the button. If you applied the code to a specific Takeaway product, they will be directed to that specific product in your Takeaway shop.

Tailor your Promotion Codes to a specific segment

Unique Promotion Codes based on factors such as reservation or order history play a crucial part in creating loyal guests.

Formitable allows you to send Email Campaigns to guests that...

  • … haven’t visited your restaurant in the last 6 months or longer

  • … have purchased one or more gift vouchers

  • … have made one or more reservations in the past

  • … have ordered one or more takeaways

  • Or a combination of the above

Let's say you want to give all guests that made one or more takeaway orders at your restaurant a complimentary cocktail if they reserve your Early Bird Ticket.

  1. Create a new promotion code based on the factors described above.
    📌 Read this article to learn how to create Promotion Codes.

  2. Start a new Email Campaign

  3. Select an audience

  4. Finish your email as you normally would.

🔧 Is it possible to create my own segments so I can tailor my Promotion Codes even more?

At the moment it is not possible yet to create your own segments. We are planning to add this in the future.

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