Ask for a reconfirmation of a reservation

Prevent no-shows and late cancellations with a reconfirmation option in your Reminder Email

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Obviously, it is a huge misconception to believe it’s OK not to show up for a reservation but unfortunately, it still happens. Even though we are an advocate of prepayments (it’s simply the cleanest deal between a buyer and a seller), we offer restaurants different ways to prevent costly no-shows.

You can of course call all guests that made a reservation on the day itself to reconfirm their reservation. But this is very labor-intensive. Therefore you can also use the reminder email to let guests reconfirm their booking.

Note that reservations that have not been reconfirmed will not be automatically canceled. It is up to you to decide how you want to handle those reservations. For example, by calling only those reservations that haven't reconfirmed to make sure they will actually visit.

How to set up the re-confirmation button in your reminder email

  1. Go to Settings > Setup

  2. Switch 'Ask for reconfirmation' on

  3. Go to Settings > Email and adjust your reminder mail to explain the purpose of the reconfirmation

What does it look like for your guests?

When you use the reconfirmation button, guests will receive a reminder email as per usual, but now an extra button will be added to the email via which they can reconfirm. And of course, your explanation will be shown in the email as well.

💡 Want to make sure your emails are all looking great? Test your emails first. Go to Settings > Email > scroll down to Test your emails > and click Send for each email that you would like to test. Test emails will be sent to the email address that you have filled in under Settings > Restaurant.

How do you spot bookings that have reconfirmed?

When guests have reconfirmed their reservation you will be able to spot this in a number of places in the Overview.

When guests have reconfirmed their reservation, this can be seen in the Overview. In the list view you will see a label with the reservation.

In addition, you can also filter the list view for reservations that have not yet been reconfirmed. That way you have a quick overview if you want to call these reservations, for example.

Of course, you can also see in the reservation whether it has been reconfirmed.

There you can also reconfirm a reservation yourself. This way you always keep an up-to-date overview.

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