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Gift vouchers can be redeemed in two ways: at the time of booking or at the restaurant.

Redeem a gift voucher during the online reservation

Every sold gift voucher has a unique code. Gift voucher recipients can enter their code while making a reservation.

The code is verified and linked to the correct experience or amount. In Formitable, these reservations are immediately recognizable by a gift box icon.

When you open the reservation, you will receive a summary of the purchase in the payment tab (illustrated by a credit card icon). In the gift voucher tab, you can see which gift voucher has been redeemed.

Redeem a gift voucher in the restaurant

When guests come in with a gift voucher or when guests have booked without entering the code, you can check the code manually. To do this, you add the gift voucher code to a reservation.

  1. If it is a walk-in, first put the walk-in into the system

    1. Click Save

    2. Open the walk-in reservation again

    3. Click on the gift box icon at the top right

    4. Click on 'Redeem Voucher'

    5. Add the voucher code and click on 'Verify'

  2. If it is a reservation, look up the reservation.

    1. Open the reservation

    2. Click on the gift box icon at the top right

    3. Click on 'Redeem Voucher'

    4. Add the voucher code and click on 'Verify'

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