View and adjust Guest Profiles

Add a Guest Note, create Tags and add Tags to a Guest Profile, add a birthday, and view reservation history

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Guests are the core of your restaurant. So of course, you want to understand them and get to know them in the best way you possibly can. This is where Guest Profiles come in very handy.

In every Guest Profile, you have an overview of:

  • ...Their personal data (such as phone number, email address, avatar, etc.)
    💡 in some cases, you might view address details and in some cases, you won't. Address details are only filled in when a guest has ordered takeaway with you.

  • ...Their total number of visits and takeaway orders

  • ...Timeline of all reservations and takeaway orders

  • ...When they last visited your restaurant

  • ...If you own multiple restaurants, which other restaurants they've also visited

  • ...Whether they're subscribed to your newsletter

And you can additionally add the following:

  • Guest Notes that will always show up in the reservation

  • Tags that will always show up in the reservation

  • Birthday

💡 You can find all Guest Profiles under Insights > Guests. In practice, you will of course often view a guest's profile from the reservation in the Overview. From there you can also easily open and adjust the individual guest profiles.

📌 Read this article to learn more about using Guest Profiles during service.

Add a guest note to a Guest Profile

Guest notes are recurring notes that will always show up on every reservation of that guest. These can be useful to indicate allergies, a preference for a specific table, their favorite wine, and so on. Basically everything you would like to know to give a guest the best possible experience. To add a Guest Note to a Guest Profile:

  • Click on the name of a guest or lookup a guest via the search bar, and the Guest Profile will open

  • Under Note, add a guest note

Create Tags and add a Tag to a Guest Profile

Tags give you the ability to qualify your guests according to specific values. This way you can, for example, quickly identify your VIPS and foodies. Or view in the blink of an eye whether a guest is allergic to fish.

To create a Tag:

  • In the left sidebar, click on Edit tags

  • Click on Create new tag

  • Under Name, set a Tag Name

  • Pick a color to easily recognize your Tag

  • Click Save

To add a Tag to a Guest Profile:

  • Open a Guest Profile to which you want to add a Tag

  • Under Tags, click on the '+'

  • Click one of your Tags

To delete a Tag from a Guest Profile simply click on the 'x' of a Tag to remove it.

To delete a Tag entirely

  • In the left sidebar, click on Edit tags

  • Click on the 3 dots of the tag that you want to delete

  • Click on Delete permanently

Add a birthday to a Guest Profile

  • Under Profile, click Add birthday or click the pencil icon

  • Add the date of birth manually or use the calendar to set a birthday

  • Click Save

View reservation history

  • Open a Guest Profile

  • Under Timeline, you can view all previous and upcoming reservations, takeaway and gift voucher orders, and reviews.

💌 If a guest no longer wishes to receive your newsletter you can also manually switch off their newsletter subscription in their Guest Profile.

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