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Shiftbase: show reservations from Formitable in shiftbase
Shiftbase: show reservations from Formitable in shiftbase

Anticipate rush-hours and show reservations in your personnel planning tool

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If you use Shiftbase, you can show Formitable reservations per day and area in Shiftsbase. This way, you can anticipate rush hours even better and align your employee schedule accordingly.

What does this integration do?
The integration imports the reservations from Formitable and shows them in the Shiftbase schedule as events. This allows you to take these reservations into account during the scheduling process.

How to install the integration

To start working with this integration, you need to install Shiftbase in Formitable and request your Formitable integration in Shiftbase.

Once you've done this, you will receive a notification from Shiftbase when Formitable has been successfully added to your Shiftbase environment.

You can now complete your setup in your Shiftbase account. 📌 Read this manual to learn how to complete your Shiftbase setup within your Shiftbase account.

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