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Just getting started with Formitable? By following the steps described in this guide you'll be online within no time!

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Formitable offers many solutions to sell, manage, and grow your restaurant. From setting up your online availability in a way that gets the most out of every day, to conveniently managing day-to-day tasks, to integrations, and setting up other revenue streams with takeaway and gift vouchers.

Everything is designed for you to create more efficiency and generate more revenue. But of course, you have to set it up well in order for it to work for you. This is where our Quick Start Guide comes to the rescue ⛑️. After completing the steps in this guide, you're ready to go online.

Before you get started

Log in to Once you're logged in, you'll see various categories at the top of the screen in the navigation. In this guide, we'll only discuss the last two categories: Products and Settings.

This guide is meant to fall back on when you prefer to read the needed steps to go online, in addition to following the Go Live Assistant (at the bottom left).

Tip! πŸ’‘ Think about in which languages you would like to communicate with your guests and set this up under Settings > Setup > Languages. If you select, for example, English and French, later on, you will have to fill out all languages when adding for example your Ticket information.

1. Enter your restaurant information

Go to Settings > Restaurant to add your general restaurant details. Your details are used for all your emails (e.g. confirmation, reminder, cancellation, and feedback email). This step is self-explanatory.

Tip! πŸ’‘ Add an attractive cover image, showing off your restaurant's unique ambiance, and add a description that captures the essence of your restaurant (cuisine, vibes, etc.)

2. Create your Table plan

Your tables naturally determine how many guests you can accommodate. Go to Settings > Tables to set up your areas and tables according to the capacity of your restaurant. You decide which tables are bookable online, in which order they should be booked, which ones can be booked together, and more. Need some help here? πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Œ Read the article How to add Areas and Tables

πŸ“Œ Read the article How to create Table groups

3. Create Tickets

Tickets are at the core of your reservations, as these determine what kind of experiences you offer. When you change the perspective from selling reservations to selling unique experiences, a wide range of opportunities opens up. Go to Products > Tickets to create different types of reservations.

Think beyond a regular lunch and dinner experience, and create a Ticket for your Sunday Brunch, a High Tea, Taco Tuesday, a special event, and so on. Need some help here? πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Œ Read the article How to add Tickets

4. Set up Shifts to create online availability

To make sure guests can actually book the Tickets you just created, you have to connect Shifts to Tickets. Go to Settings > Shifts to create online availability for your Tickets. There are many different settings you can add to a Ticket in your Shifts, from the times on which guests can reserve that specific Ticket, to the standard duration, to how you want to repeat a specific Shift (daily, weekly, monthly, or every first Sunday of the month) and more. To create an optimal setup... πŸ‘‡

πŸ“Œ Read the article How to create online availability and set up Shifts

You made it through the 'tough' part! πŸš€ You are now all set to accept online reservations. To go online proceed with the following steps.

5. Accept our Terms & Conditions

This is pretty self-explanatory, but nevertheless just as much necessary as the steps described earlier, to go online.

6. Add a payment method

Click on your account (at the top right) and go to Billing. Under payment method, click on Add. You can now connect your preferred payment method. We charge your monthly invoices automatically.

7. Install Formitable on your website

Go to Settings > Widgets and click on the link 'configuration page'. This page contains all the instructions your web developer needs to install Formitable. Do you have a WordPress website? Then you can install the Formitable WordPress plugin. Need some help here? πŸ‘‡

8. Make a test reservation

To experience the online reservation journey as if you are a guest, we recommend making a test reservation. This way you'll be able to see both the guest experience, as well as what it's like when a new reservation is added to your planning. Go to Settings > Widgets and click on the link 'configuration page'.

  1. 🍽️ Make a reservation via the widget

  2. πŸ’Œ Check your email to see what the confirmation email looks like

  3. πŸ›ŽοΈ Check the notification bell in Formitable and click on the reservation to go to the Overview and view the reservation in your planning.

9. Select a plan

Select your subscription on the Billing page in your account. You can switch plans monthly. This gives you the flexibility to always pick the plan that best fits your needs at any given time. If you want to grow your business, boost your revenue, and optimize your workflow you will probably be best off in Standard.

πŸ“Œ Read the article What do I miss in Basic? to make an informed decision.

10. Go online πŸŽ‰

Ready to go online? Go to Settings > Widget and click the Go Online button. Congratulations on launching Formitable 🀩.

βœ… Prefer to have a final check on your settings with a specialist?

Please contact your account manager to schedule a call. We kindly ask you to go through steps 1 to 4 before the appointment starts. The better you are prepared, the better we can advise you on the perfect settings for your restaurant.

❓ General questions (after you went live)?

Contact our Support team via the chat in your account (at the bottom right). They usually reply in under 10 minutes and solve questions in under 20 minutes.

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