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Zapier: Integrate Formitable with other apps
Zapier: Integrate Formitable with other apps

With this step-by-step plan for Zapier, you can set up an integration between Formitable and another app yourself.

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Via Zapier you can connect Formitable with more than 3000 other apps. Think for example of email campaign tools such as MailBlue, all Google apps (Calendar, Mail, Forms, etc.) and hundreds of marketing tools.

What is an integration with Zapier capable of?

Formitable allows three triggers in Zapier:

  1. New Reservation

  2. Update Reservation

  3. Canceled Reservation

When one of them triggers in Formitable, you are able to automatically perform an action in a connected app. Some examples on how to use triggers:

  • Add a new subscriber to your email marketing tool (Formitable + MailBlue)

  • Send out a customised after sales email a week after a reservation (Formitable + Gmail)

  • Send out a detailed review questionnaire after a reservation (Formitable + Google Forms)

  • Put your reservations in your Google Calendar as well (Formitable + Google Calendar)

Step-by-step plan to integrate Formitable with Zapier

1. First create a Zapier account via this link. You can skip the step where you have to choose which apps to use for now.

2. After you have completed these steps, you will arrive at the Zapier dashboard. Click on 'Create Zap'.

3. Search for Formitable under 'Trigger' and select the Formitable app.

4. Choose a Trigger event, 'New Reservation' for example.

5. Click on 'Sign in to Formitable' and enter your Restaurant UID and API key. Read more on how to get your Restaurant UID and API key in step 1 of this article.

6. Make sure you have permission to perform actions via your API key. Read how to turn on permissions in step 2 of this article.

7. Click 'Continue' when your Formitable account has been connected.

8. Test your Trigger by clicking 'Test Trigger'. This way, Zapier will check your Formitable account to see if you have a new reservation and retrieve the data of it.

❗️ Note: if this does not work, create a fake reservation yourself in Formitable and retry.

9. If the test is successful, you will see your latest reservation come in with a list of data you can scroll through. This is all the data that you will be able to send to the app you want to connect.

Now you have completed linking Formitable to Zapier. The next step is to link the app you want to integrate with to Zapier. In this manual we use MailBlue (The Dutch retailer of ActiveCampaign and a competitor of MailChimp) as an example.

We create a Zap that, every time a new reservation comes in in Formitable, adds the guest to your newsletter subscribers in MailBlue, if the guest has indicated that they want to receive your newsletter..

For this we first have to link MailBlue and then set up a filter that only forwards the guests to MailBlue who have indicated that they want to receive your newsletter.

10. To connect MailBlue, first click on 'Action' and search for the 'ActiveCampaign' app.

11. Choose an Action Event. In this case 'Create/Update Contact'.

12. Press Continue and follow the next steps to link your MailBlue / ActiveCampaign account.

13. Between the Formitable block and the ActiveCampaign block, click the + icon to add an Action and click Filter.

14. Now you can set a rule to filter on. First look at the data that Formitable provides to find what data is relevant to you. In our case it's 'Wants newsletter'. Which is 'false' for the test reservation coming from Formitable.

To ensure that only guests are forwarded to MailBlue who want to receive your newsletter, you must filter on guests that have 'Wants newsletter' set to 'true'. For those guests it is 'true' that they want to receive your newsletter.

So, only continue if... 'Wants newsletter' + 'Exactly matches' + 'true'.

15. Done! Your Zap should look like this:

Now give your Zap a name (top left corner) and activate it (top right corner).

Finally, test if your Zap works. Make, update or cancel a reservation in Formitable and check in your linked app whether the expected actions are performed.

In the case of our example, you create two fake reservations via your Formitable widget. One with a subscription to your newsletter and one without a subscription to your newsletter. Now check MailBlue to see if only the guest who had signed up for your newsletter has been added to your list of subscribers.

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