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Raisin: How to connect Formitable to your Raisin Pro account
Raisin: How to connect Formitable to your Raisin Pro account

Add a Reserve button to your Raisin Pro profile and let guests reserve directly via your Raisin profile

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Raisin is leading the natural wine landscape to direct natural wine and food lovers worldwide to the best spots. With this app you can guide new guests (200k app users!) to your restaurant or bar when you have at least 30% natural wine on your menu.

By being both on Raisin PRO and Formitable, you can now widely share your food and wine posts amongst the natural wine community - while being bookable as well.

What does the integration do?

The Raisin integration will add a reserve button to your Raisin PRO profile in the Raisin app. Natural wine lovers using the app will be able to make a reservation via your Raisin profile. The button serves as a perfect call to action, converting natural wine seekers into guests.

Checklist before you start:

  • To be visible on Raisin, you will need at least 30% natural wines on your menu

  • To be bookable on Raisin, you will need to subscribe to Raisin PRO

    • If you are not a Raisin or Raisin PRO user, sign up via the Raisin website

    • Note: If you do not have a minimum of 30% of natural wines, Raisin will not accept your application.

  • Make sure to add an appealing description and cover photo in Formitable. These are shown to the guest when they book via Raisin. You can add or adjust this via Settings > Restaurant.

How to activate the Raisin PRO integration

If you are a Raisin PRO user, go to your Formitable account and retrieve your restaurant ID.

  1. First, navigate to Settings > Widgets in Formitable.

  2. Scroll down to Your Keys section on the page.

  3. Go to Restaurant Key → this is your restaurant ID.

  4. Copy the Restaurant ID into this URL:

When done correctly, the URL should look like this:

Where, in this example, 67e30298 is the Restaurant ID.

Finally, to enable the integration, you will need to log in to your Raisin PRO account.

  1. Go to Raisin PRO Account > My Establishment > Info > Book A Table

  2. Add your created URL in the Book A Table field and the connection will be created.

Need help?

  • Creating a Raisin PRO account

  • Implementing your restaurant ID in the dashboard

Or contact Formitable via for questions related to your Formitable account.

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