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Customizing a Formitable website for your restaurant
Customizing a Formitable website for your restaurant

Formitable automatically generates a website for your restaurant, based on your products, content and data

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A website is the first impression a (potential) guest has of your restaurant. Formitable automatically generates a website for your restaurant, based on your products, content, and restaurant information.

If you do not yet have a website or are not satisfied with your own website you can choose to use the website feature if you are in our Standard or Pro plan.

In this article you will learn how to:

Before you start 💡

Before you start personalizing your Formitable website, there's one thing we highly recommend to really get the most out of your website.

Your Tickets (or experiences) will steal the show on your website so this gives you the chance to showcase exactly what makes your restaurant unique. We therefore highly recommend having at least 3 active Tickets set up.

Once you've created your Tickets, you can link Shifts to your Tickets in order to create online availability for them. They will then automatically show up on your Formitable website, and, of course, in your widget.

Adjust the styling of your website

Of course, you want your website to match your restaurant brand's style. You can adjust the following settings yourself via Marketing > Website > Design, to determine the style of your website:

  • Font

  • Widget color

  • Text color

  • Background color

  • Button colors

Visit your website via the 'visit website' button at the top, to view the changes you've made. All adjustments will be implemented immediately.

💡 The background colors of your experiences are automatically generated based on the colors in the ticket photos that you've used.

Adjust your website content

Most of your website's content is generated based on your restaurant settings and information in Formitable, and some content you can add manually.

Content that loads automatically

All your active products, including active languages and translations, will automatically be added to your website. These include:

  • Tickets

  • Takeaway products

  • Gift vouchers

Tickets will get an extra spotlight on your website itself, while Takeaway products and Gift vouchers are only visible in your widget itself, and of course, via the menu at the top of your website (which interacts with your widget).

From Settings > Restaurant, the following information will be added to your website automatically as well:

  • Logo

  • Avatar (this will be used as a favicon)

  • Cover image

  • Contact information

  • Social media links

All changes you make here will be immediately implemented on your website as well.

Content that you add yourself

Describe the uniqueness and vibe of your restaurant in a maximum of 300 characters. The headline is perfect for capturing your guests' attention and giving them an idea of what your brand is all about. Don't forget to add your headline in all your active languages.

  • Menus (as PDF files)

  • Opening hours

Add menus to your website

You can add as many menus to your website as you'd like and each menu will be a separate button on your website. A few things to keep in mind when uploading a menu:

  • Only PDF files can be uploaded

  • Make sure to add separate menus for each active language that you use

To upload a menu:

Go to Marketing > Website > Menus

  1. Click on Add menu

  2. Add a menu name (make sure to add a name that represents your menu well, as this is how your guests will see it on your website, e.g. 'Dinner')

  3. Click Save

  4. Click on Attach a PDF file

  5. Select the correct file that includes your menu

Repeat these steps for each menu that you have and for every active language that you use.

Add your restaurant's opening hours

Your opening hours can be added manually via Marketing > Website > Opening hours.

Simply add your opening hours in the text field and use the styling options if you'd like. Don't forget to add the opening hours in all active languages that you use so that when guests switch the language, all your content is visible in the chosen language.

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