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Yeat: offer last-minute tables on Yeat via Formitable to fill up empty spots
Yeat: offer last-minute tables on Yeat via Formitable to fill up empty spots

With the Yeat integration, you can show online availability on Yeat through Formitable to fill up empty spots in your restaurant

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Yeat is a mobile app, built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners & foodies. In Yeat, you find more than 130 highly recommended restaurants and more than 20.000 foodies. Yeat only shows restaurants that are listed in the Michelin guide, in Gault&Millau, and on the OAD list. So you can only use this integration if your restaurant is featured on one of these publications.

What does the integration do?

Yeat helps you notify all foodies that follow your restaurant on Yeat via an instant notification of a last-minute opportunity in your restaurant. The integration between Formitable and Yeat will make it easy to fill this spot by adding reservation tickets that are bookable through Yeat, to your overview. So when there is a last-minute cancellation, a no-show, or there is no match with the waiting list, you can place a table online via Yeat to fill those empty spots.

How does the integration work?

Thanks to the integration, you will be able to place a last-minute table online by adding a dedicated 'Yeat' ticket to your ‘reservation overview’. By doing so, the last-minute table will be visible in Yeat.

When your last-minute table is booked via Yeat, the name, phone number, and email address will appear in your reservations overview in Formitable. The guest will receive both the confirmation email of Yeat, and the official confirmation email of your restaurant.

Before you start

In order to use the integration, you'll need a dedicated Yeat Ticket in Formitable. To create a Ticket, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a new Ticket and simply give it the title 'YEAT'.

  2. Set a Ticket color you don't use yet (at the top right), to avoid any confusion on the floor.

  3. Save your Ticket.

  4. Once you've saved it, open it again to collect the Ticket ID at the bottom left (it will only be visible when it's saved at least once).

How to activate the integration

  1. At this moment, the Yeat App is not yet visible in the Formitable App store. Therefore, you'll need to contact Formitable's Support team to let them activate the app in your account. Simply use the chat in your account or send an email to

  2. Once the app is installed, open the app and enter the Ticket ID you saved earlier when creating your Yeat Ticket.

  3. Click on Save Settings.

How to create a last-minute open spot on Yeat

  1. Go to your Overview.

  2. Click on the blue + at the top right to add a new reservation.

  3. Select the Yeat Ticket you created.

  4. Choose the date and time you want your guest to arrive❗️Don't fill out any contact information ❗️

  5. Click save.

You now made a table available on Yeat so foodies that are exploring the app can make a booking at your restaurant via Yeat.

When the table is booked, all the contact details will automatically appear in the reservation in your Overview. The guest will then receive a confirmation email both from your restaurant as well as from Yeat.


The last-minute spot I created did not appear in Yeat. What should I do?

Have you installed Yeat in the Formitable app store?

  1. Yes: go to the next question.

  2. No: click here for the steps to install Yeat in the Formitable app store.

Did you create a ticket & named it Yeat?

  1. Yes: go to the next question.

  2. No: create a ticket & name it Yeat. Click here for the steps.

Did you fill in your ticket number in your app settings in the Formitable app store?

  1. Yes: go to the next question.

  2. No: fill in your Ticket ID in your app settings.

Are the guest details empty in the reservation you created in the Overview?

  1. Yes: go to the next question.

  2. No: make sure the fields are empty. When the fields are not empty, Yeat assumes your last-minute is already booked.

Do you still experience problems with the integration?

Contact Yeat, they’re happy to help! 💌 Send an email to & mention as subject: Formitable integration. 📞 Or call Yeat via +32 468 16 77 07

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