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How does Reserve with Google work and how does it affect my tickets?
How does Reserve with Google work and how does it affect my tickets?

Let guests reserve a table at your restaurant straight from the Google Search results

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Reserve with Google lets guests book a table in your restaurant seamlessly from the search results. Even though the reservations are synchronised with Formitable, there are some key differences with the widget. Google is an external marketing partner and does not offer the same functionalities as the Formitable widget.

Follow these steps to setup Reserve with Google:

  • Install the Reserve with Google app in Formitable, at Apps > Reserve with Google.

  • It takes about 24-48 hours to process the request and then the blue reserve a table button will appear in your Google my Business profile for your restaurant.

How to spot reservations that came in via Google in your Overview:

When a booking is made through Google, it is synchronised with Formitable in real-time. You can measure Google reservations on the Dashboard through the channel section. Your Google reservations will be shown in the Overview with a Google ‘G’ logo next to them.

Your guests booking through Google also have the possibility to cancel or change their booking. All email communications and confirmations are made by Google and therefore cancellations can be made outside of your cancellation policy setup within Formitable.

  • Why does Google not show the same availability as the widget?
    There can be differences between your availability in the widget and on Google. Google currently only shows your availability for the upcoming 90 days. Google also ignores all shifts that are linked to a ticket with payments, and all reservations that would need to be squeezed

  • Can you show the area to guests that reserve with Google?
    No, currently Google does not show the areas to guests as the Formitable widget does.

  • I've added a ticket and a shift, why is this timeslot not available on Google yet?
    The availability of your restaurant is fully updated every night. If your availability increases (more tables, new tickets, new shifts), this is updated by the next day. If your availability decreases (pacing limits, closed day, other reservations are added), this is updated on Google immediately.

  • Are my Formitable tickets and experiences shown to guests that reserve through Google?
    No, Google does not support Formitable tickets yet. Guests see only which time slots are available. Experience titles and descriptions are not shown.

  • What is the maximum number of guests for reservations in Google?

    Google limits the maximum number of guests to 10 per reservation.

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