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How to get the most out of Table for your restaurant and tap into a network of loyal guests without commissions
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Table is the app where foodies can follow and book their favourite restaurants. With Table, your restaurant has an extra marketing channel at its disposal where you can tap into a network of loyal guests, without any commissions.

Use this guide to make sure your restaurant looks its absolute best in the app and you get the most out of this free marketing channel 🚀

Why you want to get the most out of Table

⚡ Currently there are 23.000 active monthly users (guests)

⚡ Being on Table increases your chances at filling last minute tables
⚡ We keep on improving the app (coming soon: rewarding your regulars)

⚡ Successful restaurants get 1% more bookings through the platform (and it's growing every day)

First off, download Table and check how your restaurant is currently displayed. A foodie yourself? 😋 Start following your favourite restaurants! Now read the tips below to get the most out of the app for your restaurant.

1. Create an on-brand, attractive homepage for your restaurant

Your restaurant has its own profile in Table. Of course, you want your profile to look on-brand and to display the vibe as it is in your restaurant. Simply adjust the settings in Formitable and it will instantly appear in Table as well.

💡 MUST DO's 💡

  1. Adjust your background color to make it on-brand

  2. Add multiple photo's so guests can grasp the vibe of your restaurant in the app

  3. Set a compelling and clear restaurant description

  4. Set a style and cuisine type that correspond well with your restaurant so the tags that appear are correct

  5. Add your menu (read more about it later)

In Formitable, go to Settings > Restaurant.

7 things you can influence on your profile in Table, from top to bottom (in Formitable):

  • Your logo will, of course, appear on your Table profile

  • Your cover image will be used as the top image on your profile

  • Your color will be used as background color on your profile

  • Your restaurant name and address appear on your profile

  • Your description helps you to really bring across the essence of your restaurant

  • Your photos will appear in the carousel on your profile

  • Your style, primary cuisine type, and cuisine detail type will appear as tags on your profile (tags are key words guests look for when searching for a cool place to eat)

2. Set up your Tickets for success

Your Tickets, or experiences, get the spotlight in Table 🔦 and help you to stand out from the crowd. Below are four tips to set your Tickets up for success.

2.1 Optimise your current Ticket content

The first thing guests'll see when exploring Table's homepage, are experiences from restaurants they follow. So your Tickets should look attractive and display what they're all about. Two things you can do to optimise your current Tickets:

2.2 Highlight your unique Tickets

On the Table homepage, the first thing guests see are 'Recommended' experiences from restaurants they follow.

Recommended experiences are Tickets that are highlighted in Formitable. So if you don't have any highlighted Tickets yet, you might want to check whether one or two are worth recommending. So you'll appear at the very top of your followers homepage. To highlight a Ticket:

  1. Go to Products

  2. Select the Ticket you want to highlight

  3. In the left bar, go to Marketing

  4. Toggle the switch underneath 'Highlight this Ticket'

2.3 Use Ticket tags that correspond to the experience

Guests can use filters in Table to find experiences, for example, with a specific vibe, for a specific time of day, or certain cuisine type. So to appear in a guests search, make sure to use Ticket tags that really correspond well to your Ticket. To adjust your tags:

  1. Go to Products

  2. Select the Ticket for which you want to adjust the tags

  3. In the left bar, go to Marketing

  4. Select a maximum of 3 tags that capture the essence of your Ticket

2.4 Add more Tickets to appear (more often) on the Table home page

Finally, the more (different types) of experiences you offer, the more chance for your restaurant to appear on the Table home page, the more exposure for your restaurant.

You'll notice that there are different categories on the homepage. If you want to appear more often on a guest's homepage, try to think of fun Tickets that correspond to those different categories. Check out the condition per category in the FAQ to understand which Tickets will be featured there and how.

3. Let us help you add your menus

One of the things guests look at, when deciding where to dine, is of course a restaurant's menu. So having your menus on Table, will increase the chance of guests booking your restaurant through the app. At the moment it is not yet possible to add your menus to Table yourself, but we are happy to do this for you.

📧 Simply send a PDF file of your menus to and we'll make sure to add it for your restaurant.

4. Check out your Table insights in Formitable

Last but not least, you'll have several insights into Table via Formitable.

  • 👀 Recognise bookings that came in via Table by the “t” logo in your Overview and the “Created by Table” at the bottom of the booking details.

  • 💙 View in a guest's profile whether they follow you on Table (in Standard and Pro).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a guest makes changes or cancels via Table?

The same process follows as if they would make changes or cancel the booking via their confirmation or reminder email. The change will also be seen in the Formitable backend so you are always up to date.

Can guests subscribe to the waitlist?

Yes, if you are fully booked and have the waitlist feature installed guests can subscribe to the Waitlist via Table. At the moment, they receive get an email if a spot opens up.

How can I get more guests to follow and share our restaurant?

Offer Table exclusive experiences to your followers and share this with your audiences. You can send a fun newsletter email sharing this with all your subscribers. Or share a post on your social media channels, letting your followers know they can also follow you (and book with you 😉) on Table!

What are the conditions for the Home Page categories?

The home page categories are based two things from the system:

  1. the times and days set up in Shifts

  2. the ticket tag

These are the rules per category, so make sure to create fun experiences for some of these!

  • Suggested Restaurants: highlighted tickets in Formitable

  • Book again: tickets based on the user's previous bookings

  • Trending tonight: availability tonight after 5 pm

  • Lunch plans: availability between 12 - 3 pm

  • Friday Night: availability on the next Friday night

  • Saturday Night: availability on the next Saturday night

  • Sunday Lunch: availability between 10 - 1 pm on the next Sunday

  • Late Night Nibbles: availability after 9 pm

The following categories are all based on their matching ticket tags:

  • Chef's Menu

  • Good for groups

  • Unique experience

  • Romantic spots

  • Drinks & snacks

  • Let's share

  • Fine dining

  • Ready for brunch?

  • Vegan Experiences

  • Vegetarian Experiences

  • Dinner & Show

  • Pop-up experiences

  • Terrace spots

  • Theatre menus

  • Private rooms

  • Casual eats

  • Tasting menus

  • Workshops

  • Holiday Celebrations

More information here

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