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BORK: Setting up the BORK POS integration with Formitable
BORK: Setting up the BORK POS integration with Formitable

How to activate the integration and how to use the BORK integration

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Is your restaurant working with a BORK cash register? The integration between Formitable and BORK helps you to work more efficiently and get to know your guests even better.

What does the integration do?

  • Reservations that are made through Formitable are automatically cued in BORK so they can then be placed on the suggested table (or another table).

  • Once a reservation is placed in BORK, the Ticket information and reservation note from Formitable will be visible in BORK as well.

  • Once a table has paid and has been checked out in BORK, the receipt will automatically be saved to the guest's profile in Formitable.

How to activate the BORK integration

  1. Before you start: make sure the table names/numbers in Formitable are identical to the ones you use in BORK.

  2. In the Formitable App Store, install the BORK integration.

  3. Once you have installed the app, contact BORK support to let them activate the connection on their side.

  4. Once you've got a confirmation from BORK, you can start using the integration.

How to use the BORK integration

The recommended way of working is to use BORK as your main overview, once you have activated the integration.

  • When a reservation is made through Formitable, it will automatically be cued in BORK with a suggested table connected to it (the table that is used in Formitable).

  • You can now manually place cued reservations in BORK on the suggested table or assign another table to it.

  • When guests are leaving, check out the table in BORK as you normally would. The receipt will automatically be synched to the guest's profile in Formitable. (Find all guest profiles via Insights > Guests).

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