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Exciting update! Formitable becomes Zenchef. Read here all information that you need to know.

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We are excited to announce that Formitable, Zenchef and Resengo will unite under Zenchef, starting in January 2024. With an enhanced platform and a new brand identity we’re thrilled to reintroduce Zenchef to the restaurant industry. From the beginning of January, we’re excited to welcome you to upgrade to our new innovative backend ZenchefOS, read below all information that you need to know.

Will my pricing be the same?

Our pricing has not changed, but we will review our packages and costs according to market and industry shifts, your feedback, and new features we develop. What will never change: we will never charge you commissions per guest.

Will I still own my guest data when I upgrade?

When you upgrade to ZenchefOS, we’ll transfer over all guest and booking data to make sure you retain these valuable insights. As you did before, all your guest data is owned by you.

Will my upcoming reservations be visible on ZenchefOS?

When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll make sure that your upcoming reservations and all booking data are visible on ZenchefOS.

Will my current restaurant settings be visible in ZenchefOS when I upgrade?

Yes, we’ll make sure to migrate all your restaurant settings data, so you don’t have to setup a new profile.

Are current POS and other integrations supported on ZenchefOS?

We've informed our valuable partners about integrating with ZenchefOS. We support Lightspeed K-series, Oracle Simphony, Reserve with Google, and more to connect with. While some POS and partner integrations might not be ready yet, they have the tools needed to make their POS or other offering compatible with ZenchefOS soon.

Will ZenchefOS have the same features I currently use?

When upgraded to ZenchefOS, the features you’ve come to love may not look exactly the same on ZenchefOS, but we’re confident our solutions will deliver equal or more value, and our Onboarding Specialists are happy to show you how to use all the new features.

Can I try ZenchefOS now?

Be one of the first to sign up here and one of our Onboarding Specialists will be happy to show you a demo of ZenchefOS.

When will I be upgraded to ZenchefOS?

Starting from January 2024, we’ll be ready to welcome you to upgrade! You can begin the process by signing up here.

Will I still receive Support on Formitable?

Our Support department will be reachable as you’re used to, and will still solve any of your questions about using your current platform.

Will I get an onboarding to ZenchefOS?

You can sign up here and one of our Onboarding Specialists will be happy to support you through every step of onboarding.

Which new features will I get to use on ZenchefOS?

We’re excited to introduce you to a bundle of incredible features, some which were on the top of our request list. Think of a visual table plan, a call assist to connect phone calls to guest reservations, a guest radar to identify potential no-shows, a mobile app for ZenchefOS, better multi venue navigation, and much more. Sign up to get a first demo.

As a multi-venue restaurant, can I take all my venues with me to ZenchefOS?

Yes, all venues will be supported on ZenchefOS to centralize your multi-venue operations and suggestions to guests.

Do I need to communicate anything to my guests?

Not yet. We'll update you when you can spread the word and we’ll make sure your valuable guests have an even better, more seamless experience than before.

What will happen to the Formitable platform?

We are still supporting and operating Formitable as part of our Zenchef group product suite for the foreseeable future, but we will not continue to build new features or solutions from January 2024 on. All new innovation will be built on ZenchefOS.

What will happen with the Table app?

There won’t be any changes for now, but the Table app will be renamed the Zenchef app. From January 2024, you’ll be discoverable and bookable by hundreds of thousands of new guests through the Zenchef app, as you did with Table.

What will happen to the Formitable brand and website?

We’re excited to welcome a new brand under the name Zenchef from January 2024. You’ll find our new brand at, but you’ll still be able to login through while you still use Formitable.

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