Go to
Settings > Tables to manage your table settings 

Your Formitable account is set up with some dummy content. You can simply change all content or start from scratch by deleting all content first. Below is described how to add, change or delete areas and tables, how to add table groups and how to assign priority to certain tables. 

Add an Area 

  1. Click on Add Area in the left bottom of the screen 
  2. Type an Area Name 
  3. Click Save

Optie: add image > button image "add area"

You can change an Area Name by clicking the area in question and fill in a new name under Name in the top of the screen.

Delete an Area

In order to delete an entire area, you first have to remove al tables from the area in question. Once you have deleted all tables, you can click the garbage bin in the top right of the screen.

Adding and Deleting a Table 

  1. Select the area you are going to add tables to, in the top left of the screen 
  2. Under Tables, click Add Table 
  3. Add a Table Name  
  4. Select the minimum and maximum number of people that your table can occupy. Note that you first have to increase the maximum number of people preliminary to increasing the minimum number of people.  
  5. Click Enter to save 
  6. You can simply delete a table by clicking the garbage bin next to number of people

By default the flip is toggled to blue, meaning the table in question is online bookable. If you'd like to view certain tables in your Formitable Overview, but don't want people to be able to book them online (e.g. terrace tables), simply toggle the flip to grey.

Add a Table Group

If, for example, table 1, 2 and 3 can each occupy 2 people, but are also bookable together for let's say, 4, 6 or maybe even 8 people - if you count in the head of the table -, you can create Table Groups. Formitable will then always make all possible table combinations, depending on a group size. 

  1. Click Table Groups in the left bottom of the screen
  2. Click + Add table group 
  3. Fill in a Table Group name (e.g. 1-3, if you're creating a group for table 1 to 3)
  4. By default Formitable counts the Min. and Max number of people for each group. Use + or - to add or subtract extra seats to the group (e.g. ‘1’ means one extra couvert for a group).
  5. Click save 
  6. Once you have created your first table group, a paperclip icon will appear next to the garbage bin of each table. You can simply click the paperclip icon and then select the group you'd like to add this table to.
    Optie: Add image

Tables that are together in the same group have the same colour so you can easily recognise all groups. 

Optie: Add image > table group image displaying several table groups (different colours)

Prioritise Tables 

If you'd like certain tables to always be booked first, for example your restaurant's best spot next to the window, you can assign priority to these tables. 

  1. Go to Settings > Tables 
  2. Click the area you'd like to prioritise tables in 
  3. Under Tables, click Priority  
  4. You can now drag and drop tables by holding the horizontal slides that are displayed left from the toggle and by dragging a table up or down. The table that is displayed at the very top will always be booked first. 

Note: to create a clear overview in your Formitable Overview, make sure all tables are displayed in chronological (or logical) order under View. 

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