Formitable is fully designed around experience-based reservations. Pictures say more than a thousand words and with the Formitable widget you can visually showcase your dining experiences.

More than 90% of Formitable users create content for special experiences like lunch deals, early bird promotions and group packages. See this list of 50 examples for inspiration.

Turn your website visitors into guests with mouthwatering pictures of dishes, atmospheric shots of your interior or a sneak preview for an event.

All your shifts in Formitable are linked to an Experience.
To make your life easier, there are two ways to create a new experience: Either through the products menu or while you are creating a shift.

Create your own Experience

  1. Select in the top menu Products > Experiences.

2. Click on Add Experience

3. Add a photo of a dish or event.

4. Give your experience a Title. This title will be shown to guests.

5. Add a description for your experience. Describe what your guests can expect from the menu or event.

Do you offer multiple languages on your website?
Translate your Experiences to make sure your booking widget shows the right language to your visitors. You can add translations by switching the language with the NL / EN buttons. 

Highlight your Experience (optional)
If you select the option Highlight this Experience your experience will always show up in the Formitable widget. A great way to promote an event.

Set a price for your experience (optional)

Every good dining experience has a price. Show your guest the price of the menu or event in the widget. You can also choose to charge the full amount or a deposit upfront. 

Guests are charged the prepayment amount digitally when placing their reservation for the experience. Charging a deposit is an effective way to push back frustrating no-shows.

In order to work with prepayments you need to create and connect a Mollie account. Read more here.

  • Price (now). The price is the amount that guests are charged upfront online. This can be the full amount or a smaller deposit. 
  • Original Price (reference for a discount). This price is shown as a reference amount. Fill in an original price if for example booking an experience online is cheaper than in the restaurant. The original price will be shown in gray and struck through next to the price.
  • Menu Price (total). This is the total menu price of the experience. Example: If your dining experience costs €50 and you charge a €20 deposit, the guest needs to pay the remaining amount of €30 at the restaurant.

“First, we started charging deposits for group bookings. Then, we felt comfortable starting charging deposits for weekends bookings. Now, all bookings at Daalder are prepaid. At the end of the month, these choices add up to great results.”
 - Dennis Huwae, chef & owner Daalder

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