With tickets, you can create and offer unique experiences and promotions on your own website. Plus you can easily promote them through your newsletter or social media channels. Use your most beautiful images, write a personal text, and guide your guests in a new and better way through the reservation process.

Add ticket

  • Go to Tickets
  • Click the + sign at the top left to add a ticket
  • Upload an image. Be critical because an image says more than 1000 words. Now is the time to show what you have at home!
  • Choose your languages. If you have the widget in multiple languages ​​on your website, enter the content (title and description) in multiple languages ​​as well. You do this by clicking on the language switches.
  • Choose a title. For example: Spring menu
  • Enter a description. For example: Reserve our 4-course spring menu. Would you rather keep it simple? Then only enter a title. This is suitable, for example, if you want to offer a 4, 5 and 6-course menu and there is no further difference between the tickets. If you only enter a title, the widget does not open the ticket first but goes directly to the check-out screen.
  • Highlight your ticket if you want guests to see your ticket immediately when they come to your website. Perfect if you want to promote an event, for example. A highlight is less suitable for reservations without a promotional character, such as a normal lunch reservation or a group menu.

❗ Tip: Do you have multiple events and promotions? You can highlight unlimited tickets, but drag them in the correct order. You will see no more than two tickets directly on most screens. So put your most important events and actions at the top.

Choose a price (optional)

If you want guests to make a prepayment, set a price for your ticket. To work with deposits you need your own Mollie account that you link to Formitable. Read here how to do that.

When setting a price, you have two options with different variations:

  • Full amount (with or without discount). Choose this option if you want to make it clear to the guest that it is the full amount so that they do not have to pay anything more in the restaurant on the amount of the ticket. The full amount is widely used for events, but also for example for a deal. With deals, you have the choice to show the original amount. This gives the ticket a more action-oriented character.
  • Deposit (with or without the full amount). Choose this option if you want to make it clear to the guest that it is the down payment so that the amount will be deducted from the bill in the restaurant. If you want to immediately show the full price of the ticket, choose Show full price. Also with a deposit, you have the option to show the original amount and to communicate an action.

1. Prepayment / 2. Original price / 3. Full amount

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