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Change the availability of shifts for each booking channel
Change the availability of shifts for each booking channel

The option Channels gives you full control over your availability for all booking partners. Decide where each shift is available.

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Are you using external booking partners to increase your reach like SocialDeal, Heerlijk, or Reserve with Google? For each shift, you can determine for which booking channel it should be available.

📣 The option Channels works for all apps that increase your reach. To see all Formitable booking partners that you can use to reach more guests, check out all reach integrations.

💡 Need to refresh your memory on how to set-up your shifts? Here’s all you need to know about setting up your availability and shifts!

What is the option Channels useful for?

Some booking partners do not support all functionalities of Formitable. External channels like Reserve with Google for example do not support prepayments or showing guests in which area they will be seated.

If you want to communicate extra information to guests in the Formitable ticket description, place guests in a specific area or work with prepayments, it might be useful to restrict how reservations can be placed.

The same goes for VIPs. You can create special tickets and shifts with offers that are only available to a selected group of guests. In the Channel Manager, you can decide if the shift is available in the widget for everyone, or just accessible via a direct link.

How to enable/disable shifts for certain booking channels?

  • In Formitable, go to Settings > Shift settings.

  • Select the shift you want to adjust.

  • Select the tab Channels on the left side.

  • Enable or disable the different booking partners with the blue switches.

  • Click on Save & close once you are done.

⏳ The availability in the widget will be updated within 2-3 minutes, external booking partners might take up to 24 hours to pick up your changes in the shift.

Why is Reserve with Google not showing the right availability?

Reserve with Google does not support some Formitable functionalities like squeeze, show end time, show area, tickets, or prepayments. That is the reason why some shifts will be neglected by Google. Read more about the differences between the Formitable widget and Reserve with Google.

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