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unTill: Setting up the unTill POS integration with Formitable
unTill: Setting up the unTill POS integration with Formitable

How to prepare your unTill cash register, set up the integration and finalize it in Formitable

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Is your restaurant working with an unTill cash register? The integration between Formitable and unTill helps you to work more efficiently and get to know your loyal customers even better.

  • Synchronize your reservations to always have your availability up to date and prevent being overbooked.

  • Pre-payments and deposits paid by guests are automatically deducted from the final bill.

  • Receipts are saved within the reservation in Formitable, helping you to build a stronger relationship with your VIP’s and returning guests.

Setting up the unTill integration is somewhat of a daunting task. Luckily, you only have to do this one time and we’ll take you through all the necessary steps.

💡 Please note: Reservations are synchronized every minute between Formitable and unTill. If you move a receipt in unTill it might take a little while before you see the change in Formitable.

Prepare your unTill cash register

To set up in the integration you need to get in touch with your unTill supplier. They need to adjust your cash register for the integration to work. A TPAPI license (€ 295) is also needed, you may already have it though.

Ask your unTill supplier to provide you with the following information:

  • A TPAPI server endpoint and port (i.e. The cash register must be accessible via the internet.

  • A username and password.

  • Relevant article numbers for tickets and prepayments to make the connection between Formitable and unTill work.

📌 The articles must be created in the relevant sales areas. For all articles select the ‘Voucher/Coupon’ product group and 0% VAT.

Once your cash register is set up by your supplier you can continue to set up the integration in Formitable.

Finalize the integration in Formitable

In Formitable, you need to enter the technical details of your unTill cash register, choose what we should do automatically for you, and link your tables so reservations end up on the right tables.

💡 You can either fill the technical details yourself or ask your unTill supplier to do this for you. They need access to your Formitable account for this.

Fill in the technical details and choose what the integration should do

  • In Formitable, go to Apps. Scroll to the unTill app and select Install.

  • Click on the unTill app and select Settings on the left side.

  • Fill in the technical details as provided by your unTill supplier. I.e. server endpoint, username, and password.

  • Fill in the article numbers from the articles created in unTill.

  • Choose which things you want to have automatically done. See below.

  • Click on Save settings.

What can be done automatically for you

  • Create walk-in (if no booking is found in Formitable). When you open a table in unTill and there is no reservation within the match deviation time (see below), we will create a walk-in in Formitable.

  • Check-in reservations (when working in unTill). When you open a table in unTill, we look for a reservation in Formitable within the match deviation time. If one is found we will check it in for you in Formitable.

  • Create an order on check-in (when working in Formitable). When you check-in a reservation in Formitable, we will create an order in unTill on the corresponding table for you.

  • Match deviation. This is the wiggle room for finding reservations in Formitable. If guests often arrive 15 minutes early or late, use 20 minutes deviation. If it happens that guests appear 30 minutes early or late, choose a higher number like 40 minutes.

Synchronize your tables

If you want to see all your Formitable reservations in your POS, you need to tell the two systems where the reservations need to go.

With the Sync POS tables function at Settings > Tables, you can assign a Formitable table to each table in the POS system. We tell you here in detail how this is done.

After you have finalized the integration, you are all set! 🎉

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