Nowadays it has become more and more important to increase your revenue, fill up those empty spots, avoid no-shows, and save both time and money wherever possible. Seems almost impossible, right? We've got you covered. Our Standard and Pro plan provide several solutions to help you out.

1. No more last-minute empty spots with Waitlist

Even if you book a full house in advance, there's still the possibility of a last-minute cancellation. With Waitlist, you'll have a number of backup guests that can fill up those last-minute empty spots.

πŸ’Έ But what's actually the added value, moneywise? Let's give you an example:

A casual-chic hotspot has placed 52 waitlist reservations in one month. Because their average spend is €50 this gives them a guaranteed revenue of €2600.

2. No more no-shows with prepayments

Prepayments are the cleanest deal between a buyer and a seller to avoid no-shows. Since Auberge Jean & Marie started working with prepayments, their no-show percentage dropped from 10-12% to a staggering 0,1%.

πŸ’Έ When you process more than 25 online transactions per month, you're better off in Standard. Online transactions include prepayments, takeaway, and gift vouchers.

No-shows from a popular bistro dropped from an average of 84 to an average of 4 monthly by asking for prepayments. Because their average spend is €65 this ensured them of €5.200 monthly.

3. Sell your tables more than once (without working in predefined shifts)

Squeeze helps you to double your tables by offering reservations with a shorter table turn. Even better: Squeeze options will only be shown to guests when all standard spots are already booked.

πŸ’Έ To make it a little less abstract we illustrate it with two real-life examples:

A Michelin star restaurant that used to sell tables only once, and books a full house during weekends (32 guests) now has 20% more reservations, because of Squeeze. Their average spend is €115 per guest. So Squeeze helps them to earn €736 extra per weekend night. This comes down to €5.888 extra per month!

A Pizza bar that fills the gaps with Squeeze has 35% extra reservations because of this. They usually have 40 guests per night. Add 35% and you have 14 guests on top of an already full-house. Their average spend is €25 so Squeeze earns them €350 extra per night!

4. More returning guests with Email Campaigns

When guests subscribe to your newsletter it means they are your fans. Make sure guests visit you on a regular basis and increase your revenue with Email Campaigns.

Standard allows you to send up to 5000 emails per month. Do note that guests usually start taking action after the 3d email. So you want to be able to send multiple emails per month πŸ’Œ.

πŸ’Έ Another great example to give you some more insight into what it could actually give you in return:

A modern fine-dining restaurant sends out a weekly newsletter to its subscribers. These Emails generate an average of 16 orders per Email (this includes both takeaway orders and reservations). Per Email, they generate an average of €1.112

πŸ“Œ Read this article to learn how to create and send Email Campaigns.

5. More first-time visitors and regulars with Promotion Codes

With Promotion Codes, you persuade hesitant visitors and turn them into loyal guests. And the beautiful thing is; you can customize the Promotion Code to fit your restaurant and style.

πŸ’Έ Ready for a real-life example?

A local grand-cafΓ© got 20% extra Takeaway orders when boosting a special holiday with a Promotion Code. This generated €1.290 extra revenue!

Whether you're a high-end restaurant or a small town local hero, at some point along the way you will probably miss some revenue-boosting features when opting for our Basic plan. Don't get us wrong, our Basic plan has every basic tool you need to generate online revenue. But if you really want to grow your business, boost your revenue, and optimize your workflow you will be better off in Standard. And as you probably see by now; the slight price difference will pay off in no time!

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